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Our clients from Acton, Ayer, Concord, Littleton, and other surrounding locations have a lot to say about our skilled builders and the quality of home addition services they deliver. Contact us about the services we offer that can transform your kitchen, landing & stairs, or decks.

Are you looking for the best home addition builders in Acton, Ayer, Concord, Littleton?

We have completed multiple home addition projects in various areas in and around Acton, Ayer, Concord, Littleton. We take pride in the quality of work that our builders deliver. 

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JP Works is the best choice for your renovation needs for different parts of your home including kitchen, bathroom, or decks. 

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Landing and stairs installation is just one of the many quality renovation services we offer. We also work on designing and building decks. 

Witness for yourself the excellent quality of work that our home addition builders bring with them in every renovation project they work on. They are skilled and experienced in various remodeling jobs for your kitchen, decks, landing and stairs, plus many other related services for your home. Contact us and get a thorough estimate for your home in Acton, Ayer, Concord, Littleton, or other nearby towns.


Jon is great. He’s done lots of different kinds of work for me and all of it has been excellent. He re-did some tile work, and it’s better than the original. He reworked some shelving.  He’s currently working with me to figure out which windows will be the best replacements for us, and I’m looking forward to having him build on a porch as our next big project.

Quality work from a professional. I highly recommend him and his work.

Joyce C.Westford, MA

Update: I forgot to mention how easy Jon is to work with, and that he writes up a very professional and detailed estimate.

Previous review

Jon and his team have done two projects for me in the past year so I thought I was time to give them a great review!

The first thing they did was to install sturdy hand railings on both sides of our two big staircases, to make the steps safer for people with mobility issues.  These looked beautiful, matched existing banisters, and were very functional, the best combination!

As part of the same job they installed three seriously strong grab bars in the shower stall.  They also look great and we are very happy to have them.

John’s second big project with us was replacing two sets of sliders that were 32 years old and the dead opposite of energy efficient.  Jon helped us select the sliders and he steered us to a great reasonably priced model that had very high energy efficient glass and zero maintenance. Over the course of 2.5 days they removed the old sliders, got the news one in, insulated, and did all the finish trim inside and out including a small amount of painting.  We are so pleased with the result!

There was a bonus, too:  We’d asked the master carpenter, Mark, to replace the lint-trap grid over the outdoor clothes dyer vent that was in the area where he was already working. Not only did he install a newer model with a flap and no grid in order to reduce the lint clog, he also used his shop vac to suck out 32 years’ worth of lint that had accumulated in the flexible hose going all the way back to the dryer.  I feel that he eliminated a fire hazard for us and we’ll now have greatly reduced dryer times.

Jon and his team are most pleasant to work with: cheerful and friendly, and they do a great job.

Joyce I.Concord, MA

Would highly recommend JP Works – Jon replaced 32 windows, organized a new porch, and painting for whole house. Everything went very easily and the quality was excellent.

Rob D.Lorgues, France

Great job! Clean, neat and professional. A quality job that was affordable. I would definitely do business with Mr. Worthley again.

William R.Littleton, MA

We used Jon on a project to replace 4 double hung windows in the family room, two of which were integrated into a large specialty window. The older windows were wood construction with failed mechanisms and we wanted to upgrade to Harvey Tributes. Jon came to the home and was concerned about the price of the specialty window. He recommended a possible mixed approach whereby he would have the double hung opening windows replaced while leaving the original static picture window(s) untouched to create a new look for the specialty window. There was some risk on the integration since we had no documentation on the old window but Jon, to his credit, had an associate (also a carpenter, Tom) provide a second opinion. In the end, this approach was brilliant. We cut the cost of the project by 50% and the finished product, with many improvements to the detailed interior molding, gets 5 stars. Jon was the only contractor (of three we spoke to) that offered this money-saving recommendation. Needless to say, I won’t hesitate but to use Jon on my next project and I highly recommend him to readers of this review…Dan McCormick, Westford, MA.

Dan M.Westford, MA

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